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Top regions and industries of Kazakhstan in terms of taxes paid.
Based on the data provided by, our team, Grant Thornton Advisory, compiled a list of sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan by region. The list is compiled on the basis of an analysis of all taxes paid for 2019 and 2020 of all companies united in the industry.
Figure 1. Indicators of paid taxes by regions of the Republic
If we sum up the results of 2020 for paying taxes to the treasury of the republic, it can be noted that in relation to 2019, the total amount of paid taxes decreased by 10.66% and amounted to 11.9 trillion. When the values are grouped by regions of Kazakhstan (Figure 1), we will see that the fall in tax payments is observed only in the Western region by 34.56%. The rest of the regions saw an increase.
Figure 2. Indicators of paid taxes in the Western region of the Republic
For a more detailed study of the decline in the Western region, let's look at the following picture (Figure 2), which shows the data for the region in the context of individual regions. Here we can see the drop in performance across all areas. The "anti-leader" in our list was the Mangistau region with a decline of 38.5%, and the industry generating this drop is "Oil and Gas Production". In this case, the drop was significant 51.62%. It should be noted that the "Oil and gas production" industry accounts for 62.1% of the volume of taxes throughout the Western region of the country, and since the fall in this industry in the region amounted to about 45.5% compared to last year, this was negatively reflected as on the indicator of the Western region (34.56%), and on the indicator of the Republic (10.66%) as a whole. Although the growth of indicators in the Western region in such sectors as "Education" (40.65%), "Medicine" (27.46%) and "Transport" (25.08%) and softened the decline, but on the whole it turned out to be insignificant ...
Figure 3. Indicators of paid taxes in the southern region of the Republic
Let's look at the picture of the Southern region, which, in turn, accounts for 36.2% of all taxes received for 2020, here the main generator is the Almaty region with a share of 78.4% of the receipts of the entire region. In the Almaty region, as well as throughout the southern region, the industry leader is "Wholesale trade" and a line below "Retail trade". The growth of indicators for the industries "Wholesale trade" and "Retail trade" is in the region of 5% and 7.5%, respectively, which indicates a positive reaction of businesses to the current difficult situation both in our country and around the world, as well as to the development directions of e-commerce. Also, a significant increase in indicators in the Southern region was observed in the following industries:

"Transport" (54.04%),
"Education" (29.31%),
"Medicine" (25.24%),
"Telecommunications" (17.43%),
Banks (15.74%).

In the Almaty region, a noticeable drop in indicators was observed in the real estate industry, namely in such industries as "Electrical and installation work" (20.23%), "Architecture and land management" (18.18%), "Real estate" (14.51 %) and Construction (8.48%).
Figure 4. Indicators of paid taxes in the Northern region of the Republic
The next region that came into view was Northern Kazakhstan with a share of tax revenues, which amounted to 21.5% of the total treasury. The indicator of this region was distinguished by an increase of 9.02% of the amount of tax revenues in relation to 2019. The share of Akmola region is 65.6% of the region's total. In this area, the Wholesale trade, on the other hand, showed a 7.7% drop compared to 2019, although the Retail trade is growing by 16.99%.
Also, such industries as:

"Real estate" (14.73%),
"Operational activity" (14.67%),
"Industrial and innovative development" (7.96%),
Telecommunications (5.72%).
In turn, the growth of indicators distinguished such industries as:
"Metal production" (23.89%),
"Extraction of ore" (20.3%),
"Construction" (14.86%),
"Transport" (2.23%).
Figure 5. TOP 3 industries in terms of the volume of paid taxes in the context of the regions of the Republic
Let's take a look at the picture above (Figure 5), which shows the TOP 3 industries that prevail in each region of our country. We see that in 2019, Western Kazakhstan was among the leaders in the regions, but against the background of the events that took place in 2020, it occupies only the second line. And South Kazakhstan rises to the first place with the leading industry "Wholesale trade". The main point that can be noted is that the industries "Wholesale" and "Mining" are in the TOP 3 and are present in four of the five regions of the country, and the "Production of metals" industry is present in three regions.
Figure 6. Leading industry by the volume of paid taxes by regions of the Republic
Another interesting view is shown in the table above (Figure 6). Here we will see that in 5 out of 14 regions the leading industry is "Oil and Gas Production". And since the oil industry is a kind of foundation of the republic, the difficult situation that has developed in 2020 on a global scale greatly influenced the amount of taxes received, which, in turn, can be seen in the infographics (Figure 7).
Figure 7. Indicators of paid taxes for 2020 by regions of the Republic
If you look at the picture (Figure 7) as follows, dividing it into areas with a positive indicator and areas with a negative one, we get the following (Figure 8).
Figure 8. Taxes paid for 2020 by the group of regions with positive and negative growth rates
So, we see that 5 regions (the entire Western region and the Kyzylorda region, highly dependent on oil and gas production) of our country in total showed a negative result in the amount of (-34%), while 9 other regions together gave an increase of 10 %, which indicates the effectiveness of measures to support business by the state and the ability of business to quickly reorganize during a difficult situation in the country.
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