Do not use a pie chart

Why should you give up pie charts (or not)?
The picture shows the U.S. Smartphone market share and 19.5% look more than 21.2% on it. This is a visual distortion characteristic of a pie chart, inherent in pie charts displayed in a 3D representation.

A pie chart is a common chart in a business environment, because it looks like a pie and shows who grabbed a piece of the pie, as they say. Despite the metaphor that is understandable for the business environment, we recommend that in all cases where this is possible, especially when the number of parameters is greater than 3, use a histogram (sorted in descending order) instead of a pie chart.

However, data can be distorted with the help of other types of graphs, but this is already a slightly different topic.

To understand how not to fall into the trap of intentional distortion of information, you can read the book Alberto Cairo "How charts lie".
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