Cloud tables or organizer for all occasions

The innovative general-purpose cloud solution Airtable. The first release was in 2014, sponsored by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad and Emmett Nicholas. The project has already raised $ 170 million with an estimate of $ 1.1 billion. It can be used in a variety of collaboration scenarios: from recruiting to SMM and writing scripts.
AirTable are the same tables built on the basis of a powerful relational DBMS. The main idea during the creation was that absolutely everyone can use the software, including people who are far from computer technology. For example, livestock farmers who can use it to track the movement of cows.

Airtable combines the functionality of tables and interactive whiteboards. At the same time, the same board has 5 standard displays:
- grid (table)
- kanban
- gallery
- the calendar
- form and optionally customizable displays.
This behavior is ensured by the flexible key: value data structure, which is very different from the traditional relational data structure.
Airtable has an API with which you can integrate the capabilities of the service into your organization's own information system.

Having tried the Airtable service, you can easily create your own database using three main concepts - fields (fields), relations (relations) and blocks (blocks). Fields are very simple both for understanding and for use, communications and blocks are a bit more complicated.
Another advantage of this service in organizing user access to various data is that you can work with other people together: leave comments, view what work has been done and mark people in their tasks.

Advantages and disadvantages:
Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can easily master the new application, another plus of this service in organizing user access to various data, you can work with other people together: leave comments, view what was done and mark people in their tasks. The Airtable application is available absolutely from any device (to work in a browser, desktop or mobile).

And now a little about the cons. Since the beginning of work in Airtable there is no information about the provided free tariff and its functions. Of course, the number of databases is not limited, the only limit is 1200 entries in each. And the volume of file storage is - 2 GB. For comfortable work with a large number of users in Airtable, it is recommended to purchase Plus tariffs for $ 12 / month for each user or Pro for $ 24.

Some examples of use:
Hurricane Harvey arrived in Texas and Louisiana in 2017, using the AirTable system to search for and rescue missing pets. The product is used by some Hollywood studios to manage post-production processes. large events, such as festivals, use it as a lost property office - to track things lost by participants. And private individuals plan weddings with his help. So one of the major clients of this application became: Netflix, Tesla and Time magazine.
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